Delivering value to our patients

The Sustainability and Transformation Programme is looking at all hospital-based, GP, community, and mental health services across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough through six clinical workstreams:

Sustainable Primary Care
Proactive Care and Prevention
Urgent and Emergency Care
Elective Care
Maternity and Neonatal care
Children and Young People's care

Colleagues across the clinical workstreams are identifying what’s not working for their service and patients – to eradicate inefficiencies, reduce variations in quality and ensure everyone's focused on what delivers value and good outcomes for patients. This includes workshops to look at options to create system-wide sustainable services, in line with national clinical standards and best practice.
The programme’s Clinical Advisory Group, made up of clinicians and Healthwatch representatives from across the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough health system, is providing clinical oversight for the work of the programme as it progresses. This includes recommending ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care in the short term, as well as longer term options for the health system as a whole. This will form the Sustainability and Transformation Plan which will be submitted to NHS England and NHS Improvement at the end of June.
The programme is committed to engaging with patients, the public and key stakeholders in all aspects of the programme as it develops. Patient and public involvement representatives are already involved in the clinical working groups, that feed into the clinical advisory group. Their role is to ensure that the work designed by the teams reflect the concerns and needs of the public.



First leadership event held 

The Sustainability and Transformation Programme held its first leadership event in May.  

 “We have reinvigorated our system-wide work to develop a collective vision for sustainable health and care by 2020", said Tracy Dowling, Chief Officer, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group. “This has implications for all organisations in our system, and as the first step in wider participation in the sustainability and transformation work we held a leadership event to share the latest thinking and ideas.

“Board members and senior leaders from all trusts, councils and the commissioning group have a key role to play in guiding this process towards the best solutions, and this event was an opportunity, as a system-wide leadership team, to review the process and share our views on the direction being developed to address the challenges this system faces.”

All members will hear more in their board and council meetings as the programme progresses. 



Mental health safe haven opened in Cambridge


As part of the Urgent and Emergency Care workstream, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and mental health charity Mind in Cambridgeshire have teamed up to offer a new safe haven for those experiencing a mental heath crisis.


The Sanctuary, which is in Cambridge and open from 6pm until 1am, has been opened to allow people to get practical and emotional support. 

Elaine Young, associate director of integration for mental health and community care provider CPFT, said: “We think this a really important step forward to improve care for those who are suffering mental health issues. 

“The Sanctuary offers people the chance to take a ‘time out’ in a non-medical environment rather than going to an accident and emergency unit which is not the most suitable place for people to be. If the Sanctuary continues to prove successful, we’ll look to have other similar safe places elsewhere in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.”

Further information on the Sanctuary and other services put in place as part of the Urgent and Emergency Care programme can be found



Sharing your comments and getting ‘social


Comments from attendees at the programme's public assemblies held during March have featured in a social media campaign in recent weeks.

The five assemblies on the ‘Evidence for Change’ received a wide range of feedback, and this has been shared with the programme’s workstreams.  


A selection of comments was used to highlight the views received - to generate more comments and sharing. People were also asked to complete a short survey on the Evidence for Change – which is still open, which you can access via this link.

Thank you to everyone who re-tweeted, liked and shared our posts. We had some really positive results during this 16 day period, seeing the number of times Twitter users saw our tweets grow by over 20,000. To keep up-to-date with news from the programme, follow our social media platforms:

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