The Boat Inn - About Us



Phil and Maria Quinn would like to welcome you to The Boat Inn - Whittlesey.

We are a small family run Pub / Bed and Breakfast and have run the The Boat since October 1995. In this time we have accommodated Divers visiting Guildenburgh Water, Anglers who fish the  many Lakes, Drains and Rivers in the area along with Contractors working in the Peterborough region.


                                                                 The Boat sits on the junction of Ramsey Road                             Patio and Smoking Shelter

                                                                    and Brigate West overlooking the Bower 

                                                                         (river Nene old course)

The History of The Boat Inn is still under research. We know the Pub is listed as a Public House definately prior to 1839 and believe that part of the original building is mentioned in the Domesday Book - although we are still researching this fact.

One thing we can say is we are proud to be the Landlord and Landlady of this establishment and welcome both new and existing customers .

We now open at 4.00pm Monday - Thursday. We will open at 11.00 Friday/Saturday & Sunday.


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