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Transformation takes centre stage
Ensuring GPs remain at the heart of our system
Public have their say
Turning proposals into solutions
New mental health pilot project launched
Patient representatives required
How to find out more or get involved


Transformation takes centre stage

The Sustainability and Transformation Programme continues to move at pace, setting about the transformation of local health and care services in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Last month we published the ‘Evidence for Change’ document setting out why transformation is key. It summarises why local services need to change and shows the difference between how health and care services are doing currently, how they differ from the Programme’s vision for the future and how they could do better. You can read the Evidence for Change HERE

There are four reasons we need to change the health and care system:

Local needs are growing and changing
The current system does not meet the standard of care we aspire to
Recruiting and retaining staff is difficult across the area
The system’s financial challenge is significant and growing

Patients, local residents and staff are invited to feedback on the ‘Evidence for Change’ document to help inform the proposals for change and ensure they reflect local needs and concerns. You can do this by emailing or through the online survey which is available to complete HERE




Ensuring GPs remain at the heart of our system

General Practice (GPs) is at the heart of our current and future health and care system. Ninety per cent of all health care that our population receives is delivered in General Practice, which means that transformative change can only succeed if it makes General Practice an attractive and viable enterprise again.

To ensure we achieve this, a new Clinical Working Group ‘Sustainable General Practice’ has now been established within the Sustainability and Transformation Programme structure. This work stream will focus on sustainable Primary Care, considering how we can work together to address short-term pressures and to design the best possible longer-term solution.

Each Clinical Working Group is led by a member of the Programmes ‘Clinical Advisory Group’ (CAG) which is made up of clinical professionals from across the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough health system including:

Chair – Dr Alex Gimson (CUHFT)
Sustainable General Practice - TBC
Proactive and Preventative Care – Dr Martin Stefan (CPFT) and Dr Mark Brookes (GP)
Urgent and Emergency Care - Dr Andrew Anderson (GP) and Dr Callum Gardner (PSHFT)
Elective Care – Dr Sarah Clarke (Papworth Foundation Trust)
Maternity and Neo-natal working – Deirdre Fowler (HHCT) Dr Gerry Hackett (CUHFT)
Children and Young People– Dr Melanie Clements (NHS England)

You can view the revised Sustainability and Transformation Programme Governance structure here




Public have their say

Five Public Involvement Assembly ‘Fit for the Future’ workshops took place during March enabling local residents to share their views on why and how our health and care system needs to change.

Led by members of the Clinical Advisory Group and clinical leads, the workshops discussed the Sustainability and Transformation Programme alongside gathering feedback on the Evidence for Change document, and the design principles and evaluation criteria for change in the future. Initial feedback has been:

Recognition that our system needs to change
Welcome the health and social care system working together
The need to include other stakeholders that can help influence health and care, such as the voluntary sector, housing organisations and carers
Reassured by clinical leadership and a clear focus on patient involvement
Discussions feel more ‘real’ – sense of change starting to happen
Concern if timescale is achievable
Welcomed the fact that there would be a consultation on any significant changes.




Turning proposals into solutions

Our clinical teams are now identifying where we want to get to and where we can improve. They are taking on-board the feedback from the workshops and the wider engagement that is taking place with community and local interest groups to start developing proposals for solutions.

These will be shared in the summer for further discussion with local people and staff. A formal public consultation on any proposed changes will run at the end of this year.




New mental health pilot project launched

The first phase of a pilot project that aims to make it easier for people to access 24/7 mental health crisis support and treatment has now launched.

The project, which is part of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard Programme, is looking at how the way urgent mental health care is delivered locally can be improved.

The first phase includes a new First Response Service in Cambridge, initially only out-of-hours, to provide assessments in the community. It has also introduced ‘The Sanctuary’, a safe place in the community offering short-term support, which is hosted by mental health charity MIND in collaboration with other third sector organisations.

The pilot also includes a new system-wide co-ordinator who will support calls from emergency services out-of-hours, and refer onto the above services alongside mental health practitioners in the Integrated Police Control Room providing advice to the police.

The next phase will be dependent on funding and the recruitment of staff. Funding for the Vanguard programme is non-recurrent. For further information on the pilot project please click HERE.




Patient representatives required

Representatives of patients and the public are already working with the clinical teams to help design proposals to ensure they reflect local concerns and needs. However, we would like to have as much patient involvement at this level as possible.

If any member of the public, patient or carer is interested in participating in any of the working groups please email or speak to us at or call 01223 725304.


How to find out more or get involved

It is important that we involve our local communities in every step of the process. There are a number of ways you can find out more or become involved with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Sustainability and Transformation Programme. These include:

invite someone from the Sustainability and Transformation Programme to talk to your community group meeting
check the ‘Fit for the Future’ page on the CCG’s website regularly for future planned events
follow us on Twitter @fitforfuturenhs and like us on Facebook - Fit for the Future NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
contact the CCG’s Engagement team on 01223 725304 or email





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